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You just got to be the best thing for me


“Gemma. Gemma. This was Clay.”
“This is not your fault, baby.”

SONS OF ANARCHY, 4.11 - Call of Duty // 4.13 - To Be (Act 1)

"As we continued to talk, going through the motions of getting to know each other, I realized that we already did know each other, as well as any two people could. We’d known each other for years, in the most intimate way possible. We’d connected on a purely mental level. I understood her, trusted her, and loved her as a dear friend. None of that changed, or could be changed by anything as inconsequential as her gender, or skin color, or sexual orientation." - Ready Player One.

I think this speaks to the way a lot of internet based friendships are. I have had a lot of people say things about internet friends like ‘OH, you are probably talking to a 45 year old man’. Maybe I trust people too much, but getting to know someone without the shallowness, or social barriers is one of the best things you can get out of the internet. 

You, uh, want us to use the ram?